Collin from Florida, USA.

ohhhh and I did her laundry with her and she showed me step by step how she uses her other senses to do simple things like a load of laundry. The only thing was she couldn’t use the electronic card swipe machine to take her money bc it doesn’t have an audio function :-( my school needs to fix that asap (that’s the only reason why she asked for assistance)

i just spent the last 45 minutes talking to a blind student who lives in the hall that i work at and she told me so much about what it’s like to be blind and idk i’m just very thankful for that conversation because she let me be open and ask any questions i wanted to and she was also asking me about what it’s like to be around someone who is blind and i told her that i really enjoyed talking to her because instead of focusing on eye contact and everything that goes along with seeing, we could just focus on words and verbal communication (which is my fav). i also told her that if she feels like people are uncomfortable around her, it’s not because she is acting strange or different (that was her biggest concern with socializing) but bc they just may not have been exposed to it much and don’t want to do/say anything “wrong”. i don’t know any blind people but i just have this gift of being able to be VERY casual with just about anyone and i think she found that comforting

also can i just say that i love my shitty part time job (i literally sit at a desk and watch netflix for money) because in the past year this frat guy told me he was struggling with his sexuality, someone told me about what it was like to fall in love, and someone else told me about their depression and suicidal thoughts and how they use craigslist to hookup because they want to feel loved. I’ve heard so many stories and made so many lasting connections… all from just sitting at a desk. i love college.


"I can show you the world""Nah I’m good"


"I can show you the world"
"Nah I’m good"

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