Collin from Florida, USA.

"and I always seem to stumble every time I try to coast"


"How fat bitches laugh"

so basically a recent problem in my life after working as an orientation leader is that I followed a ton of my students on Instagram (trying to make a social media connection w them I guess) but anyways they are freshman and want to be social and make friends and so thinfga and discover themselves (hell yeah freshman!!!) but I constantly see pics of socializing on my Instagram and it stresses me out bc FOMO (it’s a fucking real thing) but in reality (like real life like my real feelings) I’m a junior now and I just wanna chill and I got every freshman desire out during summer c (tbh lol) so now I just wanna spend my free time eating healthy working out chillin (ya know) Netflix and other things w special people in my life ya know but point is I just now realize that social media (ig) and my freshman students are fucking w my head but also is this what my antisocial freshmen feel like all the time?? Nah I was antisocial and I used social media to express myself I didn’t care about what other people posted. (And it’s getting back to that)

Also damn I missed actually blogging it’s kinda therapeutic like I will post vague things on here because i don’t have a twitter but I won’t actually write much like I used too. Idk if it’s the fact that people see this that is validating or would just a journal suffice???

ew when people try to be funny on my schools free and for sale fb group I’m like nah I didn’t sign up for this

my social media has become so disconnected from my personality ew I don’t like college I’m brainwashed thank god i kept tumblr

this looks so cool whoa

this looks so cool whoa

caputo is overlooked bc he isn’t attractive but tbh he’s in a band, likes plants, and has a big dick


i still havent recovered from this


Literally these two emojis define my entire life.

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