Collin from Florida, USA.

So, I’ve been reflecting on my senior year as graduation approaches on Saturday. I think this post will mostly benefit me, because I kind of want to go over everything that’s happened this year - the good and the bad.

So senior year began pretty stress-free and fun. I wasn’t the ‘new kid’ anymore, like I had been junior year. I was taking on 6 college-level classes, so I kind of knew at some point I’d burn-out and get senioritis.

Aside from school, I actually had a social life for a minute there! I went to my first party and got so drunk, oh my god, and ended up making out with the ‘school slut’ plus five other girls. Needless to say, I haven’t partied since. It’s definitely not my thing. But going on cheesy dates was. I didn’t have a girlfriend, but I did go on a few dates with an extremely sweet girl who I thought was ‘the girl of my dreams’. Also needless to say, she wasn’t. But she did end up writing me a song and playing it for me on guitar at the park, so that’s a memory I’ll always smile about.

Of course a big part of senior for me was getting into college and stuff. I found out I got into one school early on, so that was exciting because I was like one of the first seniors to hear back from a college. But it wasn’t until I got a call from a more prestigious school that I really got excited. If you follow me, it’s obvious from the ‘BABY NOLE’ on my blog that I’m actually going to Florida State.

ANYWAYS, I’m realizing I crossed a lot of things off of my mental bucket list this year. I auditioned for MTV’s Made, which is something I’ve always wanted to do. I got a call from an MTV producer in NYC to be on 16 & Pregnant with my friend, which was really exciting AT THE TIME but I ended up not putting much effort into seeing her when they were filming. I flew on a plane for the first time, to Washington DC to receive a $20,000 scholarship. I met so many millionaires, famous actors and politicians, and socialites at first class dinners and ceremonies. It really was the ‘cherry on top’ of my senior year.

But it definitely wasn’t all great, because that’s life. I ended a friendship with a girl I thought I’d be life-long friends with. I know I’ve been at fault, but it really is hard seeing someone close to you change and grow distant. It’s sad, really. Also, my dad’s pain pill addiction has been slowly dissolving our relationship, as well as my family in general. My parents have fought so much, and have been on the brink of divorce. It’s caused a lot of crying and breakdowns on my part. I’m the kind of person that when my family life is not good, I really freak out.

At the end of the day, I sleep well knowing that I’m graduating with high honors and am moving on to college in the fall.


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